Hands on review of Technics’ new SL-1200MK7

Technics has announced today that the new SL-1200MK7 is scheduled to be released May 24th. We had the honor to talk with the developer and test out the new SL-1200MK7.


Looks the same but significantly upgraded. The new Technics SL-1200MK7.

This post is written before the release date. There may be specification changes until the official release date.

Finally, the release date of SL-1200MK7 has been announced. The one and only SL-1200MK series are scheduled to be in store May 24th. We had the opportunity to test it out before the release.

Over an hour-long review of SL-1200MK7 at Otairecord Youtube Channel

We had the developer of Panasonic (the company of Technics) explained us the history of SL-1200MK series, the differences compared to the previous model. Also, we tested out the new features of customizing the various settings from LED colors, reverse play.

Summary of the review

Comparison with the previous model

Some noticeable changes are

  • reverse play
  • changing the colors of LED (red, blue)
  • torque, brake adjustment
  • coreless DD motor
  • removable cords
  • price is 90,000 yen

For the motors, the same technology as SL-1200G (about 330,000 yen) and SL-1200GR (about 150,000 yen) is used and the rotation of the platter has become more precise and the sound quality has highly improved.

Features of SL-1200MK7

The sound quality is better than any other SL-1200MK series model because of the new technologies Technics have adopted. But what is important is that they did not change the design of the product. DJ’s who is familiar with using other models of SL-1200MK series will have no problem using this new version.

Customization feature below the platter

Below the platter is the customization switches. You can activate the newly added features like reverse play, changing the colors of LED (red, blue), torque and brake adjustment, to enabling 78rpm mode.

The platter can be easily removed because there is a dent below the holes where you put your fingers to pull out the platter.

The light is not a hydraulic type anymore. A simple push on the top and it pops up.

Different from SL-1200G and SL-1200GR, there is a hole for putting your cartridges.

Pitch can be adjusted to ±8%、±16%. The slider would not click at the point 0. Smooth adjustments are possible.

The strobe dots on the platter is smoother.

The chords are removable. There is a space around the connection area so it is easier to set the turntable vertically.

The cover is included. There are no joints for it.

Above was just some points chosen from the interview we had with the developer.

If you want some more information please check out our Youtube channel.

What are Technics SL-1200MK series?

The first direct drive turntable has come out in the ’70s and thereafter, many DJ’s have favored using the Technics turntables. As you can see from the long history below, the quality of Technics turntable has earned lots of trust from DJ’s and therefore it was the best selling model.

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